Why Do People Float? The Joe Rogan Factor

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Because Joe Rogan Says so!

Why do people float? Of course there are literally as many different specific reasons as there are people, but there are some broad general groups of people: like athletes and general gym goers, artistic professionals, pregnant women, people with fibromyalgia and a plethora of other types of chronic pain, people who just want to try out and experience new things, people with anxiety and stress, people who do yoga, people who get dragged along by a friend, people who just want an hour to themselves, people who want to unlock unconscious thoughts, ideas or memories. Most people I think fit into more than one group or are on the fringes of any one group and I am not surprised by the appeal of floating for any group.

What I have been surprised by, perhaps is the amount of people (mostly men 18-40) who lean into the last group, with or without the gym goers “tag” as well. A lot of these are people who have heard of the benefits of floating for the mind via Joe Rogan podcasts. Joe Rogan, in case you have not heard of him,is an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, actor, mixed martial artist, and UFC colour commentator. Rogan endorsed Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential campaign and is part of the “Eat What You Kill” movement, which attempts to move away from factory farming and mistreatment of animals reared for food. He is opinionated and a lot of people will not agree with many of his views but listening to him, whether you agree with him or not – it becomes clear he is a very intelligent, thinking man.He happens to advocate for floating, as it has had a significant and positive impact on his life.

The sensory deprivation chamber has been the most important tool that I’ve ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.

I think it’s a powerful and much needed thing for men, (particularly in this country where we have ridiculously high suicide rates in men of all ages and yet we constantly celebrate the blokey-bloke – you know the one who wouldn’t dream of letting on they are stressed, even to his mates) to take time out to relax, de-stress, develop and perhaps most importantly take a look at what’s going on inside. Floating is a drug and alcohol free way of doing exactly that.

Float LifeWhy Do People Float? The Joe Rogan Factor
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