Unexpected Floating Benefit #1

Benefit of Floating dove-real-women-campaign

Benefits of Floating

Benefit of Floating

I haven’t gotten back my pre baby body (after my second child) yet, it was quick and easy after my first and I expected it to be the same. It wasn’t the same, I wasn’t the same and my life wasn’t the same. It’s just gone six years now since my little ray of sunshine came into the world – perhaps reality should have shattered my hopes about getting back to my “real” self by now, but it hasn’t. Knowing I will get back into shape hasn’t really allowed me to make peace with myself though either. Anyone carrying a few kilos more than their ideal weight knows it feels blurgghh – it’s an ever present uncomfortablenes and absolutely impedes feeling physically good, especially if like me, you don’t have enough height to “carry” it.

For this reason the unexpected benefit from floating that tops my list is definitely how the weightlessness made me feel about my own body and being in my own skin.

Somehow losing track of where my body began and ended in the perfectly temperature controlled water made me more acutely aware of my own body initially. Floating around in the silence, somewhere in that first hour I remembered how amazing and wonderful and beautiful my body was and I decided to forgive it for betraying me….more than about time since it is strong and healthy and has carried and given birth to two beautiful, healthy children. I realised in the silence how often I allow my thoughts about myself to be unkind and I vowed to be more mindful and correct that.

These were not my only thoughts by any means, many came and went and some doubled back again but somehow because of the weightlessness I made peace with the weight of my body just as it is.

image from the Dove Real Beauty campaign of 2004

Float LifeUnexpected Floating Benefit #1
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  • Lee Edwards - August 5, 2016 reply

    Is this suitable and beneficial for pregnant women?

    Float Life Team - August 8, 2016 reply

    It absolutely is GREAT for pregnant women.
    It takes all pressure off your body allowing for at least an hour of pure muscle relaxation in not carrying that extra weight.
    Most women comment that the light and stress free feeling lasts a few days.
    Also, due to the lack of stimuli, plus your ears are in the water, you can sometimes hear your baby heart beat, and definitely feel them moving around much more.

    Obviously we would recommend you check with your GP but no complaints yet!

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