The Anti-Gravity Explanation

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Gravity free environment is achievable

Unfortunately Gravity means the vast majority of us will never get to experience the total weightlessness of floating in space – unless we happen to have learned and mastered the art of lucid dreaming.

In Michael Hutchison’s book The Book of Floating: Exploring the Private Sea he discusses 7 theories of floating and their unique but inter-related benefits. The benefit of weightlessness, or anti gravity is arguably the category that has the most effect on the physical condition – our body. Floatation therapy has often been reported as having a profound effect on the relief and management of chronic pain and it is widely believed that the lack of gravity allows the joints and muscles to release the build up tension and ultimately begin to repair the source of the pain.

Because of the Epsom salts-saturated water, the human body is completely supported, bobbing on the surface. Feet, legs, hands, arms, spine, head are all supported independently, rather than resting on top of or in tension relation with one another… [when floating] our bone-muscle system is not constantly straining against gravity, and every muscle can relax more totally than is possible under any other circumstance ~ Michael Hutchison, p.50-51.

Here at we are often asked does it really work or will it work for me, and we are unable to answer that. Floating, just like pain, is an incredibly individual thing, we can only base our answers on what we have experienced ourselves, what research suggests, what we have read and what our customers have told us

I want to say how grateful I am that my partner read your article in the paper…. Floating relaxes my muscles like nothing I’ve ever tried.Float Life has changed my life from being in constant pain from neck, back and joints.┬áMy staff and those who know me well have noticed a remarkable change in me for the good. Thank you so much for being here !!!!!!!!!! ~ Marilyn

It is not only those in chronic pain who enjoy the physical benefits of floatation therapy. Women who are pregnant and those who suffer from insomnia and anxiety often benefit from the physical relief also. Serious and professional athletes from a wide variety of sports use floating for its physical and mental benefits to:

    • Reduce lactic acid levels in the body
    • Accelerate the recovery process from injury
    • Increase energy levels, reducing fatigue
    • Optimise their mental clarity and motivation in performance

You can read more about our customer’s experiences here: floating reviews or please let us know if floating helped you and how, in the comments section below.

The 7 Theories of Floating

Float LifeThe Anti-Gravity Explanation
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