Floatation Tanks – Isolation Tanks – Sensory Deprivation Tanks

No matter what you call them Float Tanks have been around for more than a half a century in one form or another.  @ float.life our tanks have been tried and tested for the last 25 years. We use the same float tanks that the Australian Institute of Sport use in Canberra for supporting the Australian elite athletes that represent Australia at the Olympics and World Championships around the world. The Float Tanks are used for the positive mental and physical benefits required by elite athletes to compete at the highest level.

float.life tank features include:

In-Tank Lighting and Controls

  • LED light fittings are installed to create a gentle glow inside the tank controlled by an air switch inside the tank within easy reach of the floater’s hand.
  • The main purpose of an internal light is to give the floater – particularly a first-time or novice floater – an added degree of control, helping the individual to acclimatise to the tank environment at the start of a float session and re-orientate at the end of a float session.
  • There is also a light under operator-only control.

Volume Control

  • An in-tank volume control gives the floater control over sound levels.
  • Important feature to counteract different audio levels amongst media as well as individual hearing variation, especially if a pillow is used.

Call Button

  • An air switch inside the tank operates an external call button. Peace of mind for floaters and operators.      

Anti-vibration Pad

  • Some float tank locations are located near main roads or other sources of noise and vibration.
  • The Anti-vibration pad helps eliminate these potential distractions and provides an ideal footing for the tank.

What will I find at the Float Centre?

At Float.Life we have 2 of the float tanks in two separate rooms. We also have a “Retreat” where you can enjoy a cup of green tea and water after you have floated. Our float centre is the first one on the Gold Coast.  We use floatation tanks that offer the best floatation experience. Our float tanks are easy to use, offer an un-matched experience, and will make you feel amazing.

Inside the float centre we also offer towel service, ear plugs and everything you need to have a comfortable shower (before and after your float).

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