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Should you float when Sick with a Head Cold

Should you float when sick with a Cold?

My name is Ben, and I have dubbed myself as a ‘Float Guide’.  I work at Float Life on the Gold Coast and float semi-frequently. A little under a week ago I found my self preparing for a float as usual, only this time I was feeling a little sick. Nose and ears feeling more blocked than Brisbane traffic at 5pm. Sharp pains surging from the inside of my head and I wondered “Is this really a good idea?”. With floating in a sensory deprivation tank proven to help with nearly everything which ails you,  I set sail on my journey.

I quickly settled into my preferred tank and immediately focused on my breathing. Surprising how my sinus cleared and I was able to breath again through my nose. I hadn’t been able to all day but I guess positioned on my back breathing in the salty humid air did the trick. The more I breathed the more relaxed I was feeling. My headache stopped banging away, began to leave my body.

When my time was up, I exited the tank and poured myself a nice glass of Lemon Myrtle tea. Instantly I am feeling more energised, positive and ready to get on with the day. No longer blocked up, lethargic and longing for bed. It amazes me every time how an hour floating alleviates my fatigue.

Seeing in High Def

What came next completely blew me away. Many of you experienced floaters will relate. My transition lounging in the Retreat of the centre to outside into the world, was like I had been seeing the world through VHS all my life but now I see in High Definition.

Overall floating while sick worked really well for me. It made me see things a lot more clearly and definitely gave the positive energy I needed to get well again.

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Float Life TeamShould you float when Sick with a Head Cold

Float Therapy

Float Therapy

Float Therapy Man Meditating

In our lives today, the expectations placed on us by family, employers, peer pressure and society in general, have all lead to increased stress. We work longer hours, to earn more money to pay the piper, all in an attempt to relieve the pressure. In turn we drink alcohol, caffeine, smoke, don’t eat or eat too much, at best not as healthily as we should. All this translates to too much stress on our bodies with too little time to rejuvenate and relax. There is little or no time at all allocated to gym time, fitness, meditation, massage or just general downtime which is proven to relieve our tension. Most of us are left with only sleep as a way to recharge our systems and yet still, we hardly meet the minimal requirement of 6-8 hours of sleep every day. There is therefore need to come up with ways and methods to relieve our physical, mental and spiritual selves of the built up stress and just allow our body and mind to recuperate.

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Top 10 Reasons to use a Sensory Deprivation Tank

10 Reasons To Use a Sensory Deprivation Tank as a way to Relax

Does the idea of floating away your stress sound good to you? A Sensory Deprivation Tank may not sound like it but read on as to why it is the best way to unwind.

Yes, it is possible with floatation therapy and it has been around for years. Based on the concept of sensory deprivation from decades ago, the health benefits alone mean people should do it every day. The science behind Float Therapy is solid, backed by decades of research. Also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (or REST), this involves you getting inside a pitch-black float tank filled with salty water for a minimum of an hour. With no external stimuli; no light, no smell, no touch and no sound except for your own heartbeat, your brain is deprived of any input. The result is a meditation-like experience putting you in a state of being half-awake and half-asleep. This is what people who know mediation spend years striving for. Floating can get you there in 30 mins.

Still not convinced to try it out?

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Float LifeTop 10 Reasons to use a Sensory Deprivation Tank