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The Left Brain Right Brain Explanation

Left Brain Right Brain Explanation

The two hemispheres of our brain, simultaneously run two separate races. On completely different race tracks.

Michael Hutchison wrote in The Book of Floating. The categories are often referred to as the Seven Theories of FloatingThe Left Brain Right Brain Explanation is the Third Theory.

The left hemisphere of the brain is all about the detail and the specifics. It processes information is organised and analytical.

The right hemisphere on the other hand, is all about the broader outlook. Putting all the pieces together through pattern recognition and quickly absorbing large scale information.

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Float LifeThe Left Brain Right Brain Explanation

Yoga V Float Therapy

Yoga is cool, trendy and part of a mainstream relaxation and health culture that is booming right now.
Floating is viewed as new, alternative, a little strange at first. You are naked and lay in what?
Let’s agree that Floating doesn’t come close at first glance. Consider the following;

Mental Hurricane to Relaxation in 60 minutes 
“ The average person lives in a mental hurricane, with a mind so turbulent that the usual concentration span is only six seconds! Most people live in a storm of ideas: constructive thoughts war against biases, superstitions, fantasies, unremitting memories, dreads, doubts, and occasional frustrating emptiness.

People become so accustomed to the hurricane they think it’s normal! “
– Sri Ramakrishna

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Float LifeYoga V Float Therapy