Rest is good for your body

Floating has been shown in clinical studies to benefits athletes and non athletes in many ways.  In a near zero gravity environment your body is able to recover, unlike any other environment. With no strain or stress on any muscle, tendon or ligament your body is able to repair. The following is a short list of the ways in which floating has had positive effects on a physical level.

  • Floating has been shown to reduce the effects of lactic acid build up after strenuous physical activity.
  • Floating has been shown to reduce the risk of over-training on the body.
  • Floating has been shown to maximize the benefits of physical training, by allowing absolute rest during the recovery stage of muscle growth after a workout.
  • Floating has been shown to increase circulation and accelerate growth and regeneration of muscle tissues.
  • Floating has been shown to increase the speed of recovery from injury during training or competition.
  • Floating has also been shown to reduce pain by the endorphin release during a float.
  • Elite athletes in many disciplines use float tanks all around the world for the physical, mental and emotional benefits associated with Float Tanks (including our very own Australian Institute of Sport(AIS)).
  • A study at Stanford University has shown that muscle memory programming done in a tank for one hour is superior to 10 hours of repetitive field practice.
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