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Float Therapy

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In our lives today, the expectations placed on us by family, employers, peer pressure and society in general, have all lead to increased stress. We work longer hours, to earn more money to pay the piper, all in an attempt to relieve the pressure. In turn we drink alcohol, caffeine, smoke, don’t eat or eat too much, at best not as healthily as we should. All this translates to too much stress on our bodies with too little time to rejuvenate and relax. There is little or no time at all allocated to gym time, fitness, meditation, massage or just general downtime which is proven to relieve our tension. Most of us are left with only sleep as a way to recharge our systems and yet still, we hardly meet the minimal requirement of 6-8 hours of sleep every day. There is therefore need to come up with ways and methods to relieve our physical, mental and spiritual selves of the built up stress and just allow our body and mind to recuperate.


Welcome to REST Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy…aka, the Floatation Tank.

Often referred to as a Float Pod, Sensory Deprivation Tank or Isolation Tank, by all names it is an awesome way to relax. By creating an environment with no distraction, it works to relax and heal both the body and the mind. A Float Therapy session of just two hours has been scientifically proven to provide rejuvenation equivalent to that of seven hours of sleep. I cannot confirm this, but can assure you it is the most invigorating feeling, that of being well rested and ready to tackle anything. Dollar for dollar, this is easily one of the quickest most effective and pocket friendly ways that will allow you the relief that most of us want, indeed need.

The Float Tank is a specific invention which removes the senses of Sound, Sight, Smell and most importantly Touch. It contains a solution with extraordinarily high ratios of salt to water, that allow a person’s body to float without any effort. The zero gravity effect people say it is. A cork in the ocean, but calmer.
To remove the sense of sound sight and smell seems simple, but to remove the sense of Touch is something else. The solution is held for the duration of your float at skin temperature, as is the air temperature, allowing for a removed ability to sense anything. It isn’t a numbness, but more a lack of feeling. You will lose any sensation of your extremities completely, somehow adding to the awesome weightlessness of the experience.

The experience is different for everyone. Many will get nothing but a nice hour of relaxation; money well spent. But many too, will visit a place that is of a heightened consciousness. The distinct lack of distraction allows you to focus your attention on whatever you decide. With floating comes the awareness of all the aspects that surround your existence i.e. physically, emotionally and mentally. What is amazing is that you can ask yourself a question before going in to the tank, and somehow that question has your undivided attention. Your mind will be at ease, without all tension, zero distraction, de-stress and anxiety free. You are free to concentrate on what matters most – answering your questions.

In the tank your mind can begin to open neuropaths that enhance your being. One is able to increase his/her visualization and creativity, which is key to solving the day-to-day problems that we encounter as we live. The mind is opened to accept genuine commands that you wish to implement. This can aid to reduce and/or totally get rid of some habits that you distaste. You can even learn at exponential rates with suggestive words from speakers as you float. Levels of understanding and, in my opinion ones thought retention are crystal. The opportunities are endless.

Floating is proven to relieve the body of a huge variety of ailments including

  • chronic pains
  • arthritis
  • ongoing back pain
  • insomnia
  • symptoms of stress
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • and many more…

It seems that this is a seriously underestimated form of remedial, alternative and meditative treatment.

I am sold and for less than what a massage costs I am a convert!

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