Battling with Fatigue

Fatigue can be un-manageable for some and can have a profound affect on your overall well being. Being able to get enough sleep to keep your mind functioning at an optimal level is not as easy as many of us think. There are many people that suffer from Chronic Fatigue which ends up taking over your life. Chronic Fatigue sufferers don’t just have to deal with the effects of not getting enough rest but the complications associated with this leads to weight fluctuations, pain, and cognitive issues like memory loss, and general clumsiness.

Jet-Lag for those people that travel a lot (flight attendants, pilots, and business man and women) is difficult to control.  Getting your bodies natural clock back in order can take weeks, and in the case of most people they need to be functioning again at a high level quickly.

Floating has been shown to help in both of these cases.  By offering a resting environment that users are able to access and quickly “catch-up” on missed sleep or in the case of Chronic Fatigue a place to feel completely at rest with reduced pain is an unbelievable benefit. One hour in a float tank has been shown to replace four hours of normal sleep, and 2 hours in the tank is equal to eight hours of sleep those individuals that suffer from poor sleep patterns or Chronic Fatigue see enormous benefits.

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