Life is better when you float!

Get ready to be totally relaxed and stress free!



A float tank is filled with 25cm of water. The water is SUPER saturated with Epsom Salt (this salt has lots of Magnesium and is super healthy for us too). The Salt allows you to float effortlessly and creates a zero-gravity environment, this is just the beginning. You then lay on your back in the water with the intention of reducing all sensory inputs: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste.

Inside the float tank the water is heated and maintained at 34.5C which is exactly the same temperature of your skin. Once you get in to the water it doesn’t take long for you to lose where your body ends and the water begins, the more still you are the faster and deeper this feeling sets in.

The next major step is having absolutely no light in the float tank. This allows you to keep your eyes open and stare into the darkness. This is a fantastic feeling and a key part of the floatation experience. As much as possible your environment should be quiet. Once your ears are below the water level and you are wearing ear plugs the sounds of everyday life are gone and you are left in silence.

A float tank is an ideal environment to relax, reboot, and recover. Once your brain is freed from the tasks of maintaining spacial control over the gravity that is omni present, and monitoring your body temperature (these two things alone can account for up to 70% of the brains daily functioning), as well as all of the other tasks that your brain is calculating at every moment, it is then able to relax. It is in this environment that your brain has the freedom to recover, something that is very rare in our world, but so rewarding and necessary. The dopamine and endorphins that get released help to de-stress and heal your body, you probably have never felt anything like it. 

To check out more about what to expect during a float click here or simply book a float and experience it for yourself. The Float.Life Float Centre has two float tanks in separate rooms so you can book your float with a friend and share the experience of nothing together.

Life is better when you float!



The Gold Coast Float Centre

Float.Life is the first float centre on the Gold Coast. We are currently offering two float tanks at our centre and we also have a small “retreat” where we offer fresh green tea, and reverse osmosis water that you can enjoy during your post float re-entry into the physical world. At the float centre we supply shower facilities, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, ear plugs and towels.  Our rooms also feature the beneficial Himalayan Salt Lamps which not only look good but offer a number of natural benefits as well.

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